Fall 2011 Utah Startup Marketplace

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List of Registered Organizations

The organizations listed below have registered to attend the Fall 2011 Utah Startup Marketplace List last updated on 9/28/11.

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97th Floor

Allegiance, Inc.

CET-Electrical/Computer Engineering; CPMS-Computer Science; CET-Information Technology
CoolHotNot Corporation

All Majors

CET-Facilities/Property Management; FAC-Communications: Journalism; FAC-Marketing Communications; FAC-Communications: Public Relations; HUM-English; MSM-undergrad-Accounting; MSM-undergrad-Business Management; MSM-undergrad-BusM: Entrepreneurship; FAC-Communications: Advertising
Help International

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iFan Media Corp.

FAC-Visual Arts: Graphic Design; FAC-Marketing Communications; MSM-undergrad-BusM: Entrepreneurship; MSM-undergrad-BusM: Marketing; CPMS-Computer Science; FAC-Communications: Advertising
Innovative Health Solutions, LLC


Launch Leads

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Linear Signal, LLC

CET-Electrical Engineering; CET-Manufacturing Engineering Technology; CET-Mechanical Engineering; MSM-undergrad-Business Management; MSM-undergrad-BusM: Entrepreneurship; MSM-undergrad-General Business; MSM-undergrad-BusM: Marketing; CPMS-Computer Science; CPMS-Mathematics

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All Majors

CET-Electrical/Computer Engineering; CPMS-Computer Science; CET-Information Technology
OrangeSoda, Inc.

Orca Health

Parker Planners, LLC

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Partner Fusion


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Rapid Penetration of Markets

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Sundial Technologies, LLC

FAC-Visual Arts: Graphic Design; MSM-undergrad-Business Management; MSM-undergrad-BusM: Entrepreneurship; MSM-undergrad-BusM: Finance; MSM-undergrad-BusM: Marketing

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The Cambeo Group

TopBlip Inc.

Zinch Inc.

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