Fall 2011 Utah Startup Marketplace

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Rapid Penetration of Markets

Consulting - Strategic/Change Management; Consulting - Other

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We work with top executives to improve the overall situation of a firm. As businesses progress over many years, lessons are learned which lead to higher profits. Companies exploring new ventures often run into the same obstacles that mature businesses have experienced. Our job is to help firms avoid foreseeable pitfalls and propel them to the head of their industry by rapidly penetrating their markets.

We work in all levels of a company with any project that can significantly improve the bottom line. Not only do we present plans for improvement, but also work alongside current employees to make it actually happen. We explore new opportunities, speed the learning curve, and eliminate inefficiencies. We start by analyzing your situation and then create a custom plan. Each recommendation is based on your problems or your opportunities. All ideas and strategies are designed to eliminate barriers to growth and propel you into greater productivity and profit. Through proven methods, we find ways to speed up your operations and create more value, now

Majors Being Recruited: 
- All Majors

Jobs Being Recruited: 
- Strategy Consulting & Market Analyst Internship
- Business Marketing Internship