In the mortgage industry, volumes and profits are down. Everyone is focusing on initiatives that create more loan opportunities. For years, loan officers have touted referrals as their primary source of business. Today, it’s online reviews that give mortgage companies and loan officers the power to preserve and conquer their value in the industry. This is the natural evolution of referrals. Instead of your customer verbally sharing their experience with only a friend or two, they can share with hundreds, even thousands. SocialSurvey delivers one-of-a-kind automation to online reputation management, giving industry professionals the keys to value.
“Inspiring reviews from others builds confidence with new or prospective clients.” – Katie Kinon
Our Customers Report That More Surveys is the Best ROI
In a recent customer survey, we asked loan officers if online reviews, and SocialSurvey, create new business for them. The results are pretty amazing;

  • 84% of loan officers reported SocialSurvey generated new business
  • 73% of loan officers responded that SocialSurvey was very helpful or absolutely essential to their business

What impact has SocialSurvey had in creating new business?

  • 20% answered 30% or more increase
  • 18% answered 15-29% increase
  • 25% answered 6-14% increase
  • 21% answered 1-5% increase
  • 16% answered no increase

“Clients have made it clear that, although they received multiple names for LO’s from their agents, they chose us due to the reviews.” – Client Review
Take a look at the results!
Want to drive your ROI upward? Have an impact!
In a down market, these responses amount to a lot of loans. How is this possible? With or without SocialSurvey, what should you be doing to turn the voice of your customer (VOC) into your #1 ROI?
Here is a quick checklist of the most impactful VOC actions:

    1. Social Sharing – The average Facebook account has 338 friends. Collecting and sharing the true voice of the customer on Loan Officer, Branch and Company social pages creates a lot of loan activity. As reported by our customers, this is the top workflow for turning reviews into referrals.
    2. Google Reviews – A significant portion of Google Maps’ search algorithm focuses on recency and volume of GoogleMyBusiness reviews. Ask your customers to write local reviews on GMB and you’ll love the SEO benefits.
    3. Zillow Reviews – Almost every time you google a loan officer’s name, their Zillow profile is on page one. This, combined with Zillow’s 160 Million+ unique visitors per month looking for a home, makes it an important place to park your VOC content.
    4. LinkedIn Activity Posts – Professional customers and the Realtors you want to do business with are already on LinkedIn. A steady stream of customer reviews shared to LinkedIn activity posts is a great way to grow your business and attract those hard to get Realtor relationships.
    5. Engage your Realtors for Reviews – Don’t stop with customer content, ask the Realtors for reviews, as well. Then, share their voice on steps 1 through 4 above.

If you treat your customers well, and you are good at referrals, then you will be great at reviews.
We make it easy!
When it comes to managing your online reputation for your entire mortgage company, take a look at SocialSurvey. SocialSurvey is an enterprise platform that empowers you to manage the hierarchy of your company with top-down control. Giving loan officers complete automation of the items listed (1 through 5) above. Set it and forget it. Generate more business and close more deals with SocialSurvey driving testimonials, SEO value, customer experience and more. With the power of automation taking customers to new levels of satisfaction, your company’s return on investment improves by a rate of 20x, or more, with SocialSurvey’s systemized reputation management.
Take a look at how SocialSurvey puts the ROI back into social.
-Team SocialSurvey
About Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey)
SocialSurvey helps companies create WOW experiences by measuring customer and employee sentiment while automating workflows. SocialSurvey turns the true voice of the customer into the #1 ROI. This translates into process improvement, social sharing, third-party reviews, automated complaint resolution, new business creation and recruiting success.

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