What (else) to do with all of your reviews?
Now, more than ever, reviews matter. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as friends, and read an average of 6 reviews before making a purchasing decision. SocialSurvey obviously helps with this by amplifying the true voice of your customer and employees everywhere, automatically. But we’d like to help more….
At the #CreateWOWSummit we organized a Content Infinity session, inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk and VaynorMedia, where we took a single piece of Pillar Content (below) and showed attendees how we could create 30 pieces of Micro Content from it, to drive traffic back to it.
Out of this one piece of content, we will had our attendees create a LinkedIn Article, Flash Audio Briefings, a mini Podcast and multiple video interviews… all to be released soon!
Then, being in the business of reviews, we thought to ask our audience what they would create to get the most out of just one customer review. Here are the results…
WOW Ideas for Making the Most from Your Reviews

  • Text based reviews turned into a static image, examples:
  • Text based review turned into a Gif style graphic
  • Put the happy customer into a custom audience with the Facebook Pixel
  • Create a Lookalike audience based upon happy customers
  • Ads with image, with the review in text section and a story about that customer review.
  • A story from the frontline employee on their perspective of the transaction. The actual review itself. Then, a video of the customer talking about their experience.
  • A ‘Mean Tweets’ version of ‘What Your Customers Say About You.’, with the frontline employee actually reading them out for the first time and talking about the experience. (Mean Tweets is a Jimmy Kimmel segment; there are lots of them on YouTube.)
  • Do a screen recording of a scroll through of your reviews and talk about how much they mean to you.
  • Print out one of the best reviews into an extra large talk bubble/poster, send it to the frontline employee who earned the review, and ask them to take a photo with it.
  • When the frontline employee receives the review, ask them to schedule a note in their calendar to call that customer when the refi cycle happens.
  • Use that review to inspire the frontline employee to contact that customer and record a video with them.
  • Get your frontline employee to create a celebratory Instagram Boomerang of themselves, celebrating the great review, and turn it into a gif.
  • Once you have a few frontline employees creating these gifs, use them in a carousel ad with the text – “our team celebrating their great customer feedback”. This is a great ‘awareness’ ad on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Video your CEO reading a few 5 star reviews out loud that he/she hasn’t read before and and send a quick message to those frontline employees.
  • Have the best review of the month printed onto a trophy/plaque and presented to the frontline employee. Make sure to take a photo!

Please send us your suggestions — what would you create from a single review?

Special thanks to our Content Infinity panelists, Emma Monro, Dave Savage, David Lykken, Jason Frazier, and Jake Fehling, as well as all the attendees who contributed to the session!

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