Since Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) was launched in 2015, our product innovations have grown from a single automated survey delivery tool to four products with a wealth of integrated value-added features. What these features all have in common is that our customers asked for them – and they have the perfect forum to give us their ideas, requests and feedback every year at Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey)’s annual Create WOW Summit.  At the 2018 Summit, customers voted on a number of new capabilities they would like added to the Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) platform.  An easier way to manage multiple review listings was their top priority and we listened.
“Our customers wanted an automated way to manage and publish location data across multiple web locations, including Google and Facebook, directly from the Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) platform,” says Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey)’s Vice President of Customer Success & Support, Raashida Avery. “Our development team came up with several ideas for a new automated feature and presented them at a Summit session to a group of Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) customers. That’s where the idea for Listings Manager came to life. The group’s feedback helped our team focus more clearly on product features that reflect the real needs of Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) users.”
A month after the 2019 Summit, Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) launched the alpha phase of Listings Manager with the participation of a test group of 35 clients from businesses ranging in size from 10 to 1,000 locations. “We went through five different co-working groups and published their data as use cases to support the transition of the product to the beta level,” says Avery. Listings Manager was demonstrated to members of the Partner Advisory Board at last year’s Summit and now has general availability.

One Application. Multiple Benefits.

The automated features within Listings Manager enable users to manage their citation or location data across multiple web locations from a single Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) dashboard.  Not only is this more efficient, but consistent listings data helps companies win locally.
“We start with uniform name, location, address data, then we can apply more detail information for the citation like hours, description and even photos” says Avery.  “Google looks for consistency and this enables Google to reward our customers with a stronger presence.” Listings Manager conveniently optimizes data in four critical areas: Google My Business Signals, Citation Signals, Review Signals and Company Domain Signals. “With Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey), you now have one central location to manage and excel in these areas so your customers can find you easily online and engage with your business” continues Avery.
Another top customer priority was the ability to manage reviews on Google, Facebook and other social media locations from a single dashboard. This is now possible with Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) so customers no longer have to use multiple applications from different vendors. “Now, Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) customers can publish and reply to those reviews directly from Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) in one seamless process,” says Avery.

Get Involved in Product Development

Are you ready to get actively involved in product development at Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey)? If so, plan now to attend the next annual Create WOW Summit in Nashville on September 13-15, 2020. On Sunday afternoon, before the Summit fully kicks off, customers can attend product development and roadmap sessions – great forums where you can vocalize requests, ideas, and suggestions for new platform features and functionality that YOU want.
Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more about Listings Manager and visit experience1.wpengine.com for more information on the 2020 Create WOW Summit.  Not yet a Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) customer? Call our Sales Team at +1 (888) 701 4512 to take the first step to building better customer experiences that drive referrals and new business.

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