In 2018, Thrive Mortgage partnered with Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) and proved themselves to be an industry leader and Customer Experience expert. 

Before starting with Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey), their Google presence revealed 3.7 stars. Now, with Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey)’s automated workflow they have added over 200 Google reviews and now have a 4.9 star rating. 

Across all their review platforms, they have collected over 3,300 reviews in a single year. Today, Thrive Mortgage has over 26,000 social posts and counting, as each review gets shared an average of 8.3x online – automatically. 

This increase in reviews is helping their loan officers generate new business.

 “One of our top producers said that in the first month, she got 10 new referrals simply because of all the social media traffic she was getting because of reviews.” -James Duncan, Director of Education and Engagement at Thrive. 

When you look into Thrive’s leadership and core values, a clear picture emerges that they’ve always prioritized meaningful customer experiences, Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) just helped collect and share them. 


Thrive Mortgage’s CEO, Roy Jones, and president, Barbara Jones, explain “We quit working for money a long time ago.” Instead, they proclaim their mission is to help every employee live a life of significance by helping their clients. 

In a recent Thrivenomics podcast with Experience.com (Formerly SocialSurvey) CEO Scott Harris, James reveals their constant strive to improve and innovate. He said, “If you think you’re set, that you’ve got the best process and that you’re done innovating, you’re done improving on things, then you might as well go ahead and retire.” Listen to the rest of the podcast here!

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