2016 Top 25 Loan Officers in the United States for Customer Satisfaction

Our annual customer satisfaction index included reviews from over 10,000 loan officers and nearly 50,000 verified customers. To qualify for the list, the loan officer must be in the top 1% in customer satisfaction, have a minimum average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, and have received at least 25 verified customer reviews in 2016.  To say the least, making this list was nearly impossible.

Once the winners were identified, we asked them to share their secret sauce.

As expected, a majority of the winners identified the usual factors, such as communication, keeping your promises, anticipating problems, and creating an effective support system, as the keys to success. What surprised us, in particular, is that attending closings was near the top of the list of recurring responses. Michael Matthews of Parkmont Lending, agrees, saying, “I try to attend ALL my closings. Most closing attorneys make a point to mention to the client that it’s rare for a loan officer to attend closings anymore.”

Additionally, our leaders say the job is not done at closing. Building trust with customers can create new business for years to come. Brian Sciutto and his team at Pure Mortgage are masters at building customers for life. In his words, “I believe that the relationship with the client begins when the transaction closes. We follow up and touch our clients 12 times per year after the close of escrow. These touches include monthly customer service calls for the first 6 months, 2 client appreciation events per year, birthday calls, anniversary calls, loan anniversary calls, tax season calls, and a significant physical mail campaign. We don’t tell the clients we care. We show them we care.”

Finally, there is a common theme among the winners’ responses. They all care passionately about their customers. They don’t see themselves merely as mortgage originators. They are on a mission to improve lives. They connect with their customer’s individual stories.

Vickie Lasher of the American Financial Network puts this point into perspective, stating “I believe this Country’s foundation needs to start with stability and part of that is the ability for children to have a home they can call their own, for seniors to know that they have their home, for the single mom to know she is providing for her children, and for families to have a place they can gather and feel at peace. My home is my sanctuary and I want that for my clients.”

Being a part of the mortgage industry for the past 20 years and witnessing the damage caused by the 2008 global meltdown firsthand, I can say we are proud of every person on this list. This is an elite group. Congratulations to you all. We thank you for being a true professional and helping to enhance the reputation of our industry.

The following list is broken into two sections. Both are sorted in no particular order. The first is the Top 10 Loan Originators. The second list features the remaining Top 25. Over the next few months, we will highlight these top performers in spotlight articles, and informational webinars. Go here to be notified of this valuable information.

Giuseppe Battaglioli

Hallmark Home Mortgage

4.9 Stars – 309 Reviews

Since the beginning, we have guaranteed an on time, under budget, no surprise closing. Our team gathers all the documents upfront, and underwrites the file internally, so that we know we can issue a guaranteed approval. Each year this allows clients to feel comfortable in referring their friends and family, so that more and more of our new clients are direct referrals from past clients – knowing we have this trust is an amazing feeling…


Ryan Eberhardt

Diamond Residential Mortgage

5.0 Stars – 168 Reviews

You are only as good as your word.  My clients and referral partners have the utmost respect for me and value my word like it is gold because I’ve never gone back on it.  Whether it is with quoting an interest rate, cost, or sending an approval letter, I’ve 100% held true with everything I’ve said.  This alone has allowed me to gain each clients respect and trust throughout the loan process.

Craig Kessler

Freedmont Mortgage (div of Allied Mtg Group)

5.0 Stars – 88 Reviews

I tell my borrowers that I am here to give them advice, but the decision on how to proceed will ultimately be theirs. I also tell people factual information, not what they want to hear just to make a sale. This might cause some people to go elsewhere, but I keep the trust of those who stick with me. Trust and a good reputation are very important in my business and personal life.

Michael Matthews

Parkmont Lending (div of American Financial Net)

4.9 Stars – 91 Reviews

Trust starts with accountability – if I say I’m going to call a client at 7pm, I make sure to call at 7pm. I set reasonable expectations for both my client and myself and make sure to always be available for questions or concerns they have. In our industry things pop up during the process that are out of a loan officers control, but as long as we address the issue and offer a solution, it puts our clients mind at ease.


Chris Schaller

Diamond Residential Mortgage

4.9 Stars – 191 Reviews

My insight and industry knowledge allow me to provide clients with timely advice on how to save money on their most important financial transaction.

Brenda Brosnan

Summit Funding

5.0 Stars – 101 Reviews

I have been helping clients finance their dream home since 1990. Clients expect no surprises, closing on-time and with figures at closing, as promised. In this crazy new lending environment of new guidelines and heavy documentation, I have NEVER had a loan declined. Our team of 5 great people take great care of our clients. We believe in an abundance of communication throughout the transaction and we pay attention to every loan detail.

TJ Jager

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

4.9 Stars – 92 Reviews

My borrowers are the reason my business is what it is. Communication sets the foundation for the whole transaction. If you over promise and under deliver you haven’t done your job. I send weekly updates to my borrowers and agents. People can get a mortgage anywhere but they can’t receive the same service. I am 100% referral based and I pride myself on that. It is my job to get them the best financing possible…

Vickie Lasher

American Financial Network

5.0 Stars – 89 Reviews

I make sure I am available to my clients whenever they need me.  I try to put them at ease as I know that for majority of them this will be one of the most important decisions they make in their life. The people that work in my office joke around and say I am part loan officer, part therapist.  They know the door is always opened. My clients trust means the world to me!  I love what I do!

Artem Mikhelson

Seckel Capital

5.0 Stars – 82 Reviews

I stay true to my offers, never bait/switch, always lock when possible, become friends with borrowers, and always deliver as promised, even if means losing money!!  I have a great support team, amazing processor and superb title/appraisal management companies.  We all work together to make sure every customer feels special.  We deliver a closing in 3-4 weeks from application, with our WHITE GLOVE TREATMENT

Kevin Watson

Churchill Mortgage

4.9 Stars – 110 Reviews

I take care of the front end client consulting and work through Mortgage Coach to prepare a Total Cost Analysis to show our clients the best options for their family. Then I trust my team, Mary Wilder, Melissa Cole & Jenny Moehle to take excellent care of our clients and anticipate what is needed before they request it.  Again, I give most of the credit to my wonderful team and their ability to communicate highly with clients.

(no particular order, ties were not broken for a total of 30 awards winners)

Gina Bayliss

JB Nutter & Company Mortgage

See what one of Gina’s customers had to say about her 5-Star service.

Thorough, responsive, accurate, accommodating service from Gina made our loan process incredibly easy. Exceeded all our expectations. Next time purchase, we will be calling Gina again.

James Campbell

Allied Mortgage Group
I take the opportunity from the beginning to explain what to expect during the process. I answer every phone call, email or text promptly…They are just not just clients to me, they are friends for LIFE.

Jared Felderman

Absolute Home Mortgage Corporation
Honestly I just always put their best interests up front, and I stay committed to my philosophy. Accessibility 24/7, and delivering in advance, on every loan…

Ari Gagne

Summit Funding
My clients are my clients for life. Thus I encourage them to contact me first… I firmly believe my clients trust me the way they do because they can see through my actions that I always have their best interests at heart. Without their trust I wouldn’t do what I do.

Jacalyn Gallegos

Hallmark Home Mortgage
Essentially – I treat every client as though they were my friends and family. And a lot of times, they end up being just that.

Brian Gierczynski

Residential Home Funding Corp
I honestly and truly value each client and look to establish a relationship with them… I tell my clients up front that my goal is to have them thrilled with their experience so in the end they’ll tell someone else about me.

Chris Hauber

Hallmark Home Mortgage
I believe in 100% transparency & crystal clear communication, and I believe in following through with what I say I am going to do. Here at Hallmark we actually have Performance Guarantees that are specifically tailored for my clients…

Chris Keane


We will let another satisfied customer comment for Chris,

Over the years, I’ve taken out new mortgages 7-8 times. The experience with Chris and Newfi was the easiest and best by far. Chris was very responsive, kept all his commitments to me in terms of timing and providing information, and Newfi’s on-line tools made the process super easy. Highly recommend!

Monica Madrid

Churchill Mortgage
I always get back to my clients the same day. I never shut down until every single client has been contacted. My goal is for my client to sleep well at night, knowing exactly where they stand.

Teresa Milchuck

FirstBank Mortgage
It’s not what I “do” but it’s how I make them “feel” . It is my job to protect, care and value every single client as if they were my only one.

Michelle Nikolay

GSF Mortgage Corp
My clients aren’t just my clients.  They become my friends.  I try to establish life-long relationships.

Joe Nocero

Centennial Lending Group, LLC
I am always there for my customers (by text, phone, or email) throughout the entire transaction (day, night, weekend) by being extremely responsive to them even if it isn’t what they always want to hear. You have to be a person of your word and if you are it will take you a long way and if they trust you they will always refer you to their family and closest friends.

Tina Pecoraro

Intercontinental Capital Group

Tina’s customers regularly comment about speed and convenience. Here’s one of many of Tina’s 5 Star reviews,

The whole approval and closing process was quick and flawless. I was amazed all was completed in virtually three weeks.

Corey Perez

Diamond Residential Mortgage Corp
I’m blessed to be part of an amazing team of professionals who all treat service & trust with the utmost importance. I communicate clearly & even follow up to make sure my clients are comfortable & satisfied with my performance. You have to care to earn trust!

Tim Prindle

American Financial NetworkI try to be very candid, heartfelt, and educational. I am passionate about my approach. However, NONE of my success would be possible without the great Team around me.

Wes Rice

Freedom Mortgage Corp.

Wes and his great team are the focus of his many 5 Star responses. Here is the most recent,

Wes and his team … did an AMAZING job. I literally felt like I was their ONLY client…

Brian Sciutto

Pure Mortgage
Helping successfully structure my client’s loans today impacts their financial security in the future. For many clients, a home investment will be the biggest single investment they make in their lives. It is critical that I’m mindful of how this will impact their future goals such as retirement quality of life.

Jeffrey Senker

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

To say Jeff’s customers are grateful, would be an understatement. Here is a recent 5 Star review that brings this point into focus,

Jeff was always available to answer questions… and a good person to talk to and even when handed tough things from outside parties… I appreciate Jeff and will keep him in our prayers, thanks Jeff, God sent us to the right place

Karen Sjodin

New American Funding

Karen’s customers say that she goes the extra mile. Here’s a 5 Star response that shows there is very little Karen won’t do for her clients,

Karen played a great part in making sure that we got all our documents signed, sealed and delivered at our request so that we can close before the holidays. She actually came in on her day off to get this done. She also went out of her way to drop us off at the place where we bought our property.

Louis Tulio

Centennial Lending Group, LLC
Communication and empathy are two of the main characteristics that I strive for with each client.  Being empathetic is paramount.  Its not enough to hear a client, you need to listen to a client. With the help of my best friend, we developed a form called “Next Steps, Expectations & Terminology”.  This has created a whole new client for me, they are aware of the process, understand the buzz words, and can follow the steps from Pre-Approval to closing.

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