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Not just a box to check… an Enterprise Experience Management Solution

The reputation management world started with simply checking one box after another. Companies work on one problem at a time, check one box and then move on to the next. While this works in the short term, for long term success, an enterprise must build an integrated customer experience solution.

A Box to Check

Craig, an executive at ACME Enterprises, gets a call from Fred, his top sales guy. Fred says, “I lost a big deal, because of our Google reviews.” Ouch! Craig is not happy. He runs down the hall to Stephanie, the head of Marketing saying “Our Google reviews are causing us to lose business. Fix it!” And there it is—a box to check.

In this example, Craig wants to “fix” the company’s Google reviews. He has no visibility past the problem in front of him. He manages an enterprise with no real strategy or solution for customer experience, but he wants happy customers writing Google reviews. “Fix it!” That’s usually how it starts. Instead of enterprises looking for a long term solution to boost customer experience, they are looking for a quick fix. Stephanie needs to fix the company’s Google reviews, so she hires a software partner that focuses on creating Google reviews to check this box.

There are endless examples of all the boxes that get checked one by one. Employee scorecards, brand mentions, social monitoring, third-party review sites beyond Google, or omni-channel data and AI. Check, check, check, check . . . A siloed solution is formed, so the enterprise falls behind in customer experience.  ACME selects software, hires people to manage it, spends money, reacts to the problem of the day and checks box after box, one at a time.

It’s all wrong – all of these problems are the same problem. 

They are a part of a single puzzle. Piece it together and you will discover a beautiful picture of your company—happy employees and happy customers partnering as advocates and fanatics for your brand. It is a picture of a fully integrated solution that boosts your customer experiences, and ultimately benefits your enterprise.

Evolving your ideas and seeing it as a single problem will create better outcomes than any of the box checking solutions could individually. Experience Management is not a list of individual problems and solutions. It is a single puzzle. When it is put together properly, each piece works far more efficiently than it possibly could as an individual solution. Your enterprise can provide an unmatched customer experience, with the right solution.

Putting the Pieces Together

Craig wanted to fix his Google reviews so he would stop losing business. What he didn’t know was that he should be focused on putting together a complete, interconnected customer experience solution for his enterprise. Instead, the ACME Enterprises team spent years and millions of dollars checking boxes, only to build siloed technologies and teams.

Which pieces of the puzzle are you addressing with siloed technologies? Which are a part of integrated systems? If you are just beginning to build a strategy, then you are in luck. Building a customer experience solution from scratch can be far easier for your enterprise than trying to off-board technologies and start over.

“As enterprises become more sophisticated, they will demand a single, integrated CX platform that combines data, behavior, and marketing from one platform. And those enterprises should not have to pay millions of dollars for a consultant to build a customized program.” – Scott Harris, CEO of Experience.com.

“Experience Management is not a list of individual problems and solutions. It is a single puzzle. When put together properly, each piece works far more efficiently than it possibly could as an individual solution.”

Already have technologies that are checking some of your customer experience boxes? Well, it might be time to examine how they’re benefiting your overall customer experience strategy. You can do this by making a list of all of your experience box-checking solutions. Add to this list any solutions for customer experience that employees or enterprise locations are using individually. How are you collecting employee feedback? Customer feedback? How are you managing location data accuracy? What about online or third-party sites like Google My Business? How are you managing your professional and business listings websites? Are you monitoring the internet for company or executive mentions? Are you analyzing calls, chat, Q&A and tickets for insights?

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