2008 Fall Job & Internship Fair

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Supply Chain Services International (SCSI)


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Organization Description: 
Proudly employing 500 worldwide, Supply Chain Services International (SCSI) is a dynamic, innovative, fast growing company with global presence. We support overseas companies with logistics, technical, containment services and turn-key quality auditing solutions with focus. United States facilities are located in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia, South and North Carolina. Our global reach extends to China, Singapore, France, Romania, Belgium and in the near future, Brazil. Upon experiencing the challenges of once being a foreign supplier, it became clear that globalization and worldwide sourcing would exponentially increase, creating the need for local logistics and technical/quality support to increase the cost efficiency and reduce risk of distant sourcing activities. SCSI began business in 2001 and is headquartered in Peoria, IL. That first year, we gained our first European customer, followed by our first Asian customer in 2002. Today, we provide services to 50+ companies worldwide of which OEM's are part of the Fortune 500 list. The end goal being to create a low maintenance relationship between the supplier and the OEM, utilizing programs such as Vendor Managed Inventory, Just-In-Time deliveries, sequencing and repackaging, as well as pro and reactive quality support. Offering dedicated, multi-cultural, multi-lingual customer support, ingenious inventory tracking software, focused facilities, performance monitored processes and tailored solutions; SCSI provides world class accurate, reliable and timely services.

Majors Being Recruited: 
- Computer Science
- Health Sciences
- Technology Education
- Industrial Technology
- Information Systems
- Management

Jobs Being Recruited: 
- Quality Auditor
- Reactive Quality Engineer
- Project Manager
- IT Professional
- Facility Manager