ETCIC 2013-14 Online Resume Collections Program

The registration period for this career fair has ended. Please contact the career center directly if you have any questions.

Fair Date:
March 31, 2014 (11:55PM - 12:00AM)


Are you seeking talented entry-level and/or intern candidates in engineering, computer science, IT, physics and related disciplines? Post your opportunities with the ETCIC this year, and receive applicant resumes electronically!

Full Description:
Participating employers gain premium exposure at these 12 selective colleges and universities:
* Boston University College of Engineering
* Bucknell University
* Case Western Reserve University
* Carnegie Mellon University
* Clarkson University
* Johns Hopkins University
* Swarthmore College
* Syracuse University
* Tufts University
* Union College
* University of Rochester
* Washington University in St. Louis

Register by clicking the button at right. Upon approval of your registration, we'll contact you via email to request detailed descriptions of the positions you're recruiting for, so that we can post and promote them on our campuses and begin collecting resumes. You may choose any of the following dates to receive your resume collections via email: December 16, February 3, March 3, and/or April 1.

A $50 registration fee includes unlimited postings through the end of the academic year (April).
Contact Information

Contact the career center directly to get more details about this career fair.

Laura Godwin