FTP Portal

FTP Portal

Experience.com ’s FTP delivery provides simple automation for sending surveys; however, we recommend our API for more control and real time processing.

Customers and Partners are each able to submit a review of the provided Agent. Participants data may be used to customize survey questions. Partner Survey’s must be enabled by your Customer Success Manager if you wish to include them in delivery. SMS (text message) delivery is currently not available unless you are in our SMS beta test group, contact your CSM for details.



Understanding our File Format:

  • Your information needs to follow a specific format to be picked up by the FTP importer.
  • It must be saved in the proper file type, .csv
  • It must be UTF-8 encoded, UTF-16 and ASCII may also be accepted
  • It must be named correctly, socialsurvey.csv (case sensitive)
  • It must have data organized under the correct column header, and must include data for the required columns
  • Data must NOT contain a comma (,) as this will result in a parsing error

The accepted column headers are:

Experience.com offers several Data Integration Options

General Purpose

Mortgage Lending Specific

Real Estate Specific

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