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Relocation Nation

Like nomads looking for an oasis, most recent graduates move around - a lot. Here are the stories of three people who made big moves for different reasons, along with some practical advice on how to make it all a bit easier.


Living Las Vegas

"Leaving Las Vegas" may roll off the tongue, but these days many people seem to be trekking to this gambler's paradise - and they're not all tourists, either. So what's it like to live in Sin City?

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Moving Tips

Moving can be stressful. Here are some tips to help your moving day be an easy one.


Relocating to a New City After Graduation?

This can be a great time to check out your new destination, make contacts, and maybe even scope out jobs.

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Moving 101

  • Ready to Move?
  • Choosing a Reputable Mover
  • Use Only Registered Movers
  • Red Flags for Spotting Rogue Movers
  • Read and Understand All Information Provided by the Mover
  • What if There Is a Problem?
  • Moving Checklist

10 Relocation Tips For Across Town or Around the World

Relocation is stressful because you change more than your address. You'll begin to navigate a new way to be a friend, coworker, and more.

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Protect Your Stuff!

If you're a recent college graduate, you may not have a ton of possessions. But what happens if you're burglarized or there's a fire in your apartment? Renter's insurance can protect you against those and other household calamities.

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Destination Finder

Want to explore a new city? Check out 14 of the most popular US locations for young professionals at Swapping Places.

Relocation - Four Things to Consider

In this day and age with jobs scarce and candidates plentiful we often talk about setting yourself apart from the pack. One of the things I am starting to hear more and more from employers is: Are students willing to relocate for a job?

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Through the Woods and Across the Ocean

Moving overseas takes more adjustment than just moving to the next state. While most who move domestically seem to have few problems with the relocation, those who go abroad find that making a new network of friends is not always easy.

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Helpful Tips for Finding Your First Apartment

You've lived at home, you've lived in a dorm, but now that you're searching for an apartment just for you, where do you begin?

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Storage Guide

  • What should I look for in a storage facility?
  • What sizes are available?
  • What items are restricted?
  • What will the contract cover?
  • What's included in the rental cost?
  • When can I access my storage unit?
  • Do I need to create an inventory?
  • Do I need insurance?
  • What happens if I miss payments?
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