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Experience, Inc. surveyed over 2000 students about parents' involvement in the lives of college-age children.
On the one hand, students say, parents can offer useful wisdom and advice. On the other, too much involvement can be detrimental to the child's development as an adult.

Check out what students have to say

Back Off!... But Not that Far

After 18 years of doting on us, we're flying the coop, so to speak - as of 2003, 64% of us were headed off to college. September is rapidly approaching and you'll be driving us up to State U (or up the eastern seaboard, if you're my poor parents.)

Navigate the stormy seas of parenting a college kid with Hally Pinaud, a senior at Bentley College

Confessions from a Helicopter Parent

I admit it. I'm a "helicopter parent."
You may have seen the newspaper accounts describing the baby boomer parents who hover over their college-age children. I confess I am involved in my children's lives more than they like and more than I should be.

Hear more from Sarah Briggs' confession

College Students Speak Up

"It doesn't make you a bad parent if you aren't hiding behind bushes spying on your kids or reading their diaries."

Read responses from Jessica, Mike, Tina and Matt

Parenting Teenage Children

"I believe in a great relationship between my son, my daughter, and me because I think they are the brightest, funniest, and have the most awesome hearts of anybody I know."

A Mother Reflects...

Famously Overprotective Parents

Parent-child relationships pop up in pop culture all the time.

The Today Show with Jenny Floren

In 2006, the Today Show visited the Experience offices to interview CEO Jennifer Floren about trends in parenting.

Watch the video segment

Parenting Q&A

Tell us about your parenting style, and how you handle heightened anxiety about your college-age kids.

A Teacher's Perspective

Here's my best advice for parents on how to stay involved without going too far.

What does FERPA mean for you?

The Family Education Rights Protection Act is something most parents don't become familiar with until their kids go to college-when the right to access academic and behavioral records transfers from parent to student.

Get the overview on FERPA

RA Says What?

Two Resident Assistants share their perspectives on the effects of over-parenting.

As a Resident Assistant, I have had the opportunity to observe the effect of Helicopter Parents on students. More

Michigan Technological University

From my experience as an R.A. Helicopter Parents tend to handicap their child's ability to learn life skills by not allowing them to make their own decisions and follow through by their own means. More

North Dakota State University

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