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Top 5 Places for Seasonal Employment

By Jennifer K.
Associated Content

Seasonal jobs are great part-time jobs, second jobs, or jobs during a school break. Don't know where to look for a seasonal job? Try looking in your local newspaper or online for jobs at the following types of stores.

Amusement parks are great places for summer work, especially for teachers and students.
Be a mall Santa at Christmas time.
Retail Halloween stores are great places to work in the fall.
Toy Stores at Christmas Time

Toy stores are often looking for additional employees at Christmas time to handle the seasonal rush. Seasonal employees typically keep store shelves stocked, keep the store merchandise tidy, and help customers find items on their Christmas shopping lists. Most stores start hiring Christmas season employees at the beginning of November, and keep employees through January to help with the post-Christmas return rush.

Halloween Stores

An increasing number of Halloween stores are filling empty rental retail space in September and October. Retail clerks and store managers are hired for the season to set up the stores, work the stores while they are open, and then tear the store down after the holiday. If you love Halloween, you will have fun stocking shelves with costumes and plastic skulls, and helping customers find the perfect scary costume.

Amusement Parks

If you are a student or a teacher, amusement parks are a great place to work during the summer break. Earn money while enjoying the summer weather in a fun atmosphere. Available positions may include ride operators, groundskeepers, store clerks, ticket takers, and security guards. Most amusement parks are open Spring through Fall. Depending on the area climate, some may be open for a longer or shorter period of time. Seasonal employees are most always needed during the crowded summer months when the weather is hot, kids are out of school, and families are vacationing.

Tax Preparation Centers

During tax season, tax preparation centers such as H&R Block hire many extra tax preparers to handle the rush. An interest in finance is definitely a plus for this seasonal job, but a lot of experience may not be necessary. Most centers have a short training course that teaches the seasonal preparers everything they need to know. Detailed tax preparation software walks the preparers through the process. Start looking for these jobs in the Help Wanted ads around the beginning of the year.

Holiday Mall Events

Most malls have holiday events that require hiring seasonal employees. These seasonal jobs can be a lot of fun. At Christmas time, all malls need a Santa and his helpers. The Easter Bunny always makes appearances in the Springtime. Photographers are also needed at these events to capture the memories. Call the marketing department at your local mall(s) to find out more about their seasonal events and seasonal employee needs.

This article was reprinted with permission from Associated Content, The People's Media Company. Visit today to publish your own content and explore AC's growing multimedia library.

© 2008 Associated Content, Inc.

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