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Employers Willing to Pay Big Bucks for Relocating Employees

By Benjamin Fryson
Associated Content

According to the findings of a study by and, one third of the employers are willing to pay more than $2,500 for an employee's relocation.

A study conducted by 'Harris Interactive' finds that 40 percent of the employers are ready to spend more than $1,000, and 'one-in-ten' such employer is inclined to pay even more than $10,000 for relocation. Employers consider this an investment, and a shortage of qualified and skilled professionals is the main reason for this situation. The percentage of such willing employers has risen from last year by 14 percent. "Therefore, job seekers shouldn't be afraid to ask about relocation expenses during the interview," said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of

The study's findings show that 42% of employees have relocated at least once to another city. Relocation to another state or region was preferred in the case of 32% of employees. Similarly, 59% of employees are willing to relocate for a new job in another city and 44% prefer relocating to another state, province or region for the same. Employees, however, prefer particular states; the top five are Florida, California, Arizona, North Carolina, and Colorado respectively. and include some relevant tips for employees to negotiate a package for relocation during their interview only. Employees first should conduct a thorough search on their own, for estimated expenditures on movers and packers. A calculation of the difference in cost of living in two areas is good to have in advance. An employee should keep waiting until the job is on offer to negotiate the relocation expenses. Given the chance, one must ask the company for an expected range that could be acceptable to both parties. The employee must show his inclination with enthusiasm for such relocation, according to

This study also includes findings on type of preferred living. Forty-one percent of employees prefer moving into an apartment while 36 % choose a house. Hotel was a preference for 5 % and a condominium was a choice for 4 % while 16 % employees selected something on their own. facilitates such employees on its website with detailed photographs and virtual tours to the apartments. Employees have? access to all information including community stats and rental process, without even visiting the leasing office.

Recommendations for employees are also available on Employees should find a rented accommodation first, in order to begin to understand the area and the new city with the new job. Renting is also an opportunity to weed out the non-essentials when relocating. It is always better to have an advance plan. Some important things not to forget include contact information, necessary documents, phone numbers, photograph of new apartment, all moving and relocating records and such other relevant details. "Staying organized is the key factor," recommended Kevin Doyle, Senior Vice President and General Manager of

This article was reprinted with permission from Associated Content, The People's Media Company. Visit today to publish your own content and explore AC's growing multimedia library.

© 2008 Associated Content, Inc.

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