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How to Become a Radio Personality

By Chris Kellogg

Plenty of people wish they could be an on air radio personality. Have you ever wondered if you could make it? Here's how one morning show radio host suggests you get started.

Has someone told you that you have a voice for radio? Do you like to 
meet people? Are you willing to learn and put your ego aside? Then you 
might have what it takes to break into the radio business.

I feel like it's important that you know who's writing this article, 
because there are many people who claim they know how to get into the 
radio business, but have never worked in the industry. I started off 
at a small AM/FM combo radio station in Ithaca, NY in 2003. I was 
going to Ithaca College at the time and wanted to do anything I could 
to get my start in my dream of being on the radio. I literally fetched 
people coffee, but I also got to announce the weather on the AM 
station, and that was the beginning to a great career! Since then, 
I've worked in 9 states as a Morning Radio Host for stations from 
Memphis to Hartford, CT.

If you have a passion for radio and you've got the heart and 
determination to be an on-air announcer, that's a good start. Most 
radio program directors (those that hire announcers) like people who 
are willing and eager and display a true love for the art of radio.

Are you still here? Do you want to take the next step? Here are some 
suggestions on what you can do now (I'll describe them more fully 
after this list).

1.) Make a Demo Tape.
2.) Set up an interview with a program director.
3.) Be persistant, but not annoying.
4.) Take any job at a radio station you can get.
5.) Don't take "no" for an answer.

Making a Demo tape is an important step. When you contact a program 
director, the first question they'll ask is, "Do you have am MP3, a 
tape or CD Sample." To make your sample, I suggest getting in touch 
with a radio station in your area and asking them if you can get a 
tour of the radio station. Then once you're at the station, ask if you 
would be able to make a demo tape. You'd be surprised to find how many 
radio people are willing to help you out. If you can't get into a 
professional studio, then record yourself on an MP3 player and submit 
it to a Program Director. As far as what you say on your demo. You 
might want to transcribe your favorite radio personality as a guide.

The next thing you'll want to accomplish is to talk with a program 
director. Be persistant, but not overly persistant. I suggest sending 
an email, since they can respond to you on their time. Talk about your 
love for radio and that you'd like to help out the radio station in 
anyway you can.

Once you have your demo tape, it's time to send it to area program 
directors for your first chance to be on-air. Remember that each Radio 
Programmer is looking for specific types of voices for their radio 
station. Don't be upset if you don't get a callback right away or if 
they don't think you'll fit the station. If you send out 100 CDs or 
MP3 samples, your chances are good that someone will think you have 
what it takes. So don't give up.

There are many people who say they'd like to become a radio announcer, 
but never pursue their dream. If you love radio enough and want it bad 
enough, I know that you'll be a great success, and I look forward to 
hearing you on my radio soon.

Chris Kellogg has been a Morning Radio Show Host for over 13 years. He currently works as the morning personality at WCTZ, 96.7 The Coast in Fairfield County, CT. He is editor of

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