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Career Search – Powered by Experience

Career Search – Powered by Experience enables students and alumni to search, favorite and apply for jobs and to search and sign up for events. It works in conjunction with Experience’s eRecruiting career management system.


Which kind of device will I need?
The app will work on Apple products, such as: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch on iOS6+. It also works on Android devices.

Will I need internet access?
Yes, you will need internet access through a phone data plan or wifi access.

Set Up

How do I set up the app?
Download the app (“Career Search” in the Apple Store or Google Play store) and log in using your eRecruiting username and password or email address and token. If you do not have an account, you will need to create an account on eRecruiting first and then access the mobile app.


How much does the app cost?
The app is part of your school’s eRecruiting system. It is free to students and alumni users of the school.

How do I pay for this app?
The app is free.


How do I login in?
You can log into the app using your eRecruiting username and password for your school or by entering your email address and token.

How do I apply for a job?
You will need to upload your resume to eRecruiting before you use the mobile app to apply for jobs. The same is true for cover letters and other documents.  If you are planning to submit a cover letter or other documents with your resume, you’ll need to upload them to eRecruiting before using them to apply to a job through the mobile app.

Help! I can’t find my school.
If you cannot find your school, it may be that your school does not have a relationship with Experience.

Can I change my profile?
At this time, the app shows you your profile, but you will need to log into eRecruiting to make changes.

Can I favorite a job?
Yes you can favorite a job using the app and then see the jobs that you have favorited in the app in your eRecruiting account.

Can I change my password?
At this time, to change your password, visit eRecruiting and click the “Forgot your Password” link to the right of the username and password boxes.

More Assistance

Contact Experience through our webform or call 1-800-583-7741.