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Why You Should Consider An Online Masters Degree

Veronica C. | November 28, 2011

A master’s degree is a great thing to have. Some careers can only be pursued with a master’s degree of some sort, and pretty much every field has higher paying jobs for those with master’s degrees. It could end up being the most important piece of paper in your life. The only problem is it is not always easy to get into a university, attend classes, and do all the homework and take the tests necessary to get a degree. Luckily, there are now ways you can get a master’s degree online and start your path to fortune and glory. Here are 5 reasons why you should get a master’s degree online.

1. Convenient Hours

Many people already have jobs when they look to get their master’s degree, jobs that they can’t afford to quit. That becomes even more true when you take the tuition necessary for a master’s degree into mind. There are also those who are taking care of a family. It is very difficult to find time for your own education when you are feeding your own kids, or taking them to school. Getting a master’s degree online allows you to have a more flexible schedule, working classes into times when you are available. There are evening classes, afternoon classes, and morning classes that can be attended online. There are even many programs where there are few times you need to be online at a specific time, you simply have to make sure that all your work gets done on time and to make posts in group discussion forums. This is a great option for those busy with families, jobs, or any other commitments that make physically attending a university difficult.

2. No Travel

Living in dormitories simply doesn’t appeal to many people who are looking to get a master’s degree. Many people already have homes or apartments that they are established at, and not all of those homes and apartments are going to be close to a university. Even if a university is close, it might not offer the master’s degree program that you are looking to get. Then there is the problem of gas. Gas is getting more and more expensive these days, and most people can’t afford to be driving long distances each day. Public transportation is an option, but that means you have to make your schedule fit the bus or subway schedule, which just isn’t an option for many.

Taking classes online eliminates those problems immediately. There is no travel necessary for attending an online class. You just need to be somewhere with a computer and an Internet connection and you are ready to go. The money saved on gas can even go toward your tuition, making this a big win-win situation.

3. Fewer Distractions

There’s no getting around it, there are a lot of distractions on a university campus. No matter where you go, there are some people who are more interested in partying than learning, others want you to join their clubs, there are constant events going on, and it can all be a bit overwhelming. The worst part is all those outside distractions can take away from the classroom experience.

A big part of the college experience for some people is learning how to interact with others and deal with those distractions. That is not the case for many people who are looking to get a master’s degree, though. They already have great social skills, they know how to deal with distractions, but adding more distractions to an already busy schedule just isn’t necessary. An online masters degree class allows you to focus solely on your classes and the work that you need to complete for them without worrying about other things, like how many people are going to show up for the kegger before the football game.

4. Learn About Technology

Let’s face it, many people who are looking to get a master’s degree are older. Not every person who has been out of college for more than a couple years looks at a computer as a box of black magic, but the truth is the younger generation has been raised with computers and the Internet. The world in general is becoming more and more technologically advanced, and knowing how to use a computer and the Internet well can go a long way toward making life simpler. Getting a master’s degree online can help you to become more familiar with how computers work and how to navigate websites and communicate through email or instant messaging systems. Chances are you will be using the computer and Internet frequently to research, complete, and turn in assignments, so it is a great time to learn how all those things work.

5. Great Teachers

When it comes down to it, the most important part of getting a master’s degree is who will be teaching you the material. In the past, many people thought of the professors who did online classes as the ones who weren’t qualified to teach a class in person. In fact, online degrees used to be looked down on as something that could just be clicked on and printed. That couldn’t be further from the truth these days, as more and more universities have recognized the convenience and popularity of studying online.

Most big universities now offer online options for getting a degree, and these programs are often staffed with exceptional talent. You can count on your professor’s having degrees of their own, and a good amount of success and respect in their fields. Online classes also allow you to have one on one conversations with a professor, whether through email or an instant messaging system. Even though you might not physically meet a professor, it is very possible to build a relationship with them to get the best educational experience possible.

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