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Why falling asleep in class is a terrible idea, and how to avoid it

Veronica C. | April 29, 2013

Why falling asleep in class is a terrible idea, and how to avoid it

It should go without saying, but falling asleep in class during college is a very, very bad idea. While it’s particularly embarrassing and rude during seminars of 10 to 20 people, even during lectures packed with hundreds of students, nodding off can be a troublesome habit. Nonetheless, it happens to plenty of undergrads and graduates – and oftentimes it’s more innocent than the result of a night spent partying.

Want to avoid this fate that could lose your teacher’s respect, jeopardize your education and hurt your career? Consider these tips.

Caffeine – not sugar – is your friend
Put simply, sugar will give you a massive energy burst that lasts for only the tiniest portion of your class, then you will crash and feel more exhausted than ever. Instead, bring a mug of tea or coffee with you, and be sure to refill during any breaks. Just don’t dehydrate yourself with too much caffeine - since that’ll sap energy too - so drink plenty of water as well!

Take notes longhand
Typing, while a manual process, still isn’t quite as purposeful or involved as jotting down notes longhand. While taking notes generally will keep you more engaged with your professor and peers, doing so in pen on paper will amplify the effect.

Get a good night’s rest – always
On Fridays and Saturdays, you can feel free to stay up ’till all hours partying or playing video games or even working. Don’t risk it when you’ve got class early the next morning. Late-night studying is part of being a college student, but it shouldn’t get in the way of the whole reason you’re in college to begin with: education.

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