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When it comes to the job hunt, timing is everything

Veronica C. | April 25, 2013

When it comes to the job hunt, timing is everything

As you get deeper into your search for entry level jobs and paid internships, you may discover that you can make a lot of progress one week, and then not hear back about anything the next. While this ebb and flow is a part of the hiring process, good and bad timing can also have something to do with these week-to-week changes. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you apply.

With thousands of college graduates entering the job market every year, late spring and early summer is typically one of the busiest times for companies. Hiring managers can receive dozens of applications in a single afternoon for an available position in the wake of college graduations, which means that you’ll be facing stiff competition from your peers in between May and August.

If a major holiday is approaching such as the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas, many companies tend to delay the hiring process until the event has passed due to employee vacations. While this doesn’t mean you absolutely won’t hear back from a hiring manager during this time, you might have better luck sending your resume well in advance or after the holiday.

Semester schedules
For paid internship positions where you’ll likely be competing against undergraduate students, it’s important to consider college class schedules. Companies who frequently employ student interns tend to organize their application deadlines to coincide with the start of fall, spring and summer semesters.

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