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Waiting for a final hiring decision

Veronica C. | April 10, 2012

While there are many frustrating parts of searching for premium entry level jobs and paid internships following college graduation, waiting for a final hiring decision after several rounds of interviews can be the most nerve-wracking. This is even worse when you still haven’t heard from the employer, despite being told that you would receive a decision within a week. Here are some strategies on what to do when the lines of communication have become strained.

Friendly reminder
If you’ve been patiently waiting for an extended period without a reply, consider sending a friendly reminder email to your interviewer. This message should briefly restate your interest in the position while also asking if there’s any additional information – such as references, writing samples or educational transcripts – that you can supply to make their decision easier. Just make sure not to sound impatient or pushy about waiting.

Begin sending out more applications
While waiting for a final decision on this promising opportunity, you may have relaxed a bit on sending out applications for other jobs. As the process drags on past your expected decision deadline, you should begin bringing your search back up to speed to prepare for the chance that you may not have gotten the offer.

Ask outright
While some companies can take a month or more to reach a final decision about a new hire, you’re in the right to be annoyed when a hiring manager doesn’t contact you within the approximate time frame that he or she promised. In this case, send a polite but forward email asking how the process is going and when you can expect a final decision. However, you should save this message as a last-ditch effort.


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