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Using Twitter to find a job

Veronica C. | July 18, 2012

Using Twitter to find a job

While you may have heard that social media sites can be valuable tools in finding premium entry level jobs and paid internships after college graduation, knowing how to properly use them in this capacity can be somewhat confusing. Here are some tips on how Twitter can help you find that first career opportunity.

Tweets that matter
Despite the fact that many people use Twitter to post about everyday occurrences in their lives, Tweeting about important or interesting topics can actually help you stand out in the eyes of employers. By maintaining an active online presence, you’ll demonstrate that you’re an engaged and knowledgeable job seeker – desirable qualities in today’s career marketplace.

Hashtag identification
Recruiters and employers frequently posting information about their organizations and available jobs on Twitter, so you should look for hashtags (#) that indicate these opportunities. Not only will you be directed to relevant articles and websites, but you’ll get a sense of the company’s social media policy.

Connect with professionals
Another great thing about following a company or organization’s Tweets is that you can easily identify professionals in the HR and social media departments. If you respond to these postings frequently, you may even find yourself already on a company’s radar when applying for jobs.

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