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Tips for pretending you don’t have an annoying roommate

Veronica C. | April 26, 2013

Tips for pretending you don't have an annoying roommate

College can be one of the most enjoyable and liberating experiences in your life, which is why having a terrible roommate can be a real drag. Who wants even a semester of the best years of his or her life made less awesome because a roommate plays dubstep at 2 a.m. or leaves laundry in moldering, smelly piles for months on end? If you’re dealing with an annoying roomie, know that you are not alone. And if the situation is really bad, chances are that your college can offer you an out of some sort. But if it’s just a matter of getting by, try these tips to keep your life and career on track.

Buy noise-canceling headphones
These are ideal for both work and falling asleep. You don’t even need to listen to music on them! But rest assured, if you do it will drown out everything from snoring to Skrillex.

Keep opposite schedules
Some folks find it useful to avoid their dorms altogether when their roommates are around. While you can’t actually escape your roommate, spending less time with him or her may make the time you are stuck together more tolerable – who knows, you may even have things in common!

Establish a contract
Roommate arrangements are complicated – certainly complicated enough to warrant contracts. Lay down ground rules and sign off on them. It’s a great way to be upfront about both your expectations – like no late night dance parties or impromptu overnight guests.

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