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Tips for getting to know your coworkers

Veronica C. | August 20, 2012

While working hard and showing up on time are integral parts of succeeding at your new entry-level position, it’s equally important to become friendly with the people working around you. Your coworkers will be the people who help you adjust to your new professional life and getting to know them will go a long way in making your work experience easier and more enjoyable. Here are some tips for getting to know your colleagues.

As you begin to receive more complex assignments at your office, don’t be afraid to reach out to your coworkers for help. Bonding over work-related issues is one of the most common ways work friendships begin. Even if you aren’t having that much of a problem with your task, consulting someone for some general advice or pointers will help break the ice.

Food brings people together and the most social part of any office comes during lunch break. If you see a group of coworkers heading out to a local sandwich shop or the cafeteria for a bite to eat, ask to join them. Meeting people during lunch will also help ensure that you’re not interrupting anyone while they’re working on something important.


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