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Tips for following up after a job interview

Veronica C. | March 9, 2012

Things have been going your way. A couple of days ago, you heard back from a hiring manager who was interested in talking to you about your experience over the phone. You nailed the prescreening interview and landed yourself an in-person interview at the office, which also went great. Now the only thing left to do is wait for an answer, right?

Wrong. There’s still a final step towards solidifying your chances at earning that entry level position, and it’s one that many people aren’t even aware of – the follow-up. Even though you presented yourself as a strong candidate, shook hands and expressed your interest in the position, most employers expect to receive a follow up thank you letter after the interview.

According to Career Builder, about 15 percent of hiring managers state that they will not hire someone who fails to send a thank you letter. Furthermore, 32 percent may still consider the candidate, but will have a negative impression of him or her.

So what’s the proper procedure for following up after an interview? Sending the hiring manager a brief email is all it takes. Thank them again for their time and reiterate a few of your basic qualifications along with why you find the position particularly appealing to your set of skills. There’s no need to wait several days to send the thank you, either. In fact, the sooner you respond to the employer, the better your chances of leaving a lasting impression.


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