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Tips for building relationships with your coworkers at an internship

Veronica C. | August 21, 2012

If you’ve recently been accepted to a new internship, you’ve taken a major step towards building your resume, making professional networking connections and securing an entry level job following graduation. However, success as an intern depends upon more than a positive attitude and strong work ethic – you’ll need to develop relationships with your fellow interns and coworkers. Here are some tips for getting started.

Ask for help
If you’re not sure how to break the ice with a colleague who’s been with the company or organization for a while, ask for help with one of your first assignments. Even if you don’t really need help, this can be a great way to use a professional topic to meet new people and become more familiar with your internship’s style of business.

You may come across an opportunity where a regular employee needs help with an assignment that falls outside of your usual intern responsibilities. Rather than brush off the extra work, volunteer to help. This is another great way to use your company’s business to become friendly with a coworker – someone who could potentially be a friend and networking contact later on.

If you see people meeting up around lunchtime to grab a bite to eat at a local café or sandwich shop, ask to go along with them. Many professionals are happy to get to know new interns over lunch, especially since that’s probably how they made friends at the company during their first few weeks.


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