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Tips for answering tough interview questions

Veronica C. | March 8, 2012

While a major part of your post-grad search for premium entry level jobs and paid internships is scoring an interview, you’ll need to know how to conduct yourself in the presence of an experienced hiring manager once you’ve achieved that. Today’s job market is more competitive than ever, so be prepared to answer some tough questions about your education and professional background. Chances are, you may come up against some inquiries that you’re not sure how to respond to. Here are some tips for answering exceptionally tough interview questions.

Don’t lie
To start, never lie during an interview. While it’s fine to present the facts in a flattering way, interviewers will know when you’re outright lying – whether they figure it out during the interview or later on in the process. Getting caught in a lie makes you seem juvenile, inexperienced and untrustworthy – difficult qualities to overcome in the professional sphere.

Turn a negative into a positive
If you’re asked a question that you are unsure of how to respond, use this opportunity to change the focus to an area you feel more confident about. For example, you can shift the subject away from “you’re biggest weakness” or “time you messed up on the job” to explain a difficulty you had at past internship and how you adapted to overcome that challenge. Never respond in a way that makes you look bad without spinning it in a positive light.


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