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Three ways to celebrate landing your first job

Veronica C. | August 7, 2012

After months of applying for premium entry level jobs and paid internships, hearing the words “You’re hired” can come as an enormous relief. Now that you’re finally out of the unemployed rut and beginning your professional career, here are three great ways to celebrate with family and friends.

Family dinner
Considering that your family have been there to support you since day one, having dinner together can be a great way to celebrate your new job. Heading out to a fancy restaurant is always a good decision, but you may want to suggest helping Mom and Dad prepare a home-cooked dinner including your favorite dishes.

To the bar!
While you can enjoy a relaxing and delicious meal with Mom and Dad, you probably want a little more excitement when you’re celebrating with close friends. Consider visiting a favorite college bar in your area where you can relive a few undergrad memories before you transition into working life.

Do nothing
Since you’ve probably been spending every waking moment thinking about and applying for available positions, take some vacation time to yourself to enjoy doing absolutely nothing for a change. A day spent sleeping in late, making breakfast, reading a book, going for a bike ride or watching a favorite movie can be a relaxing way to end your period of unemployment.


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