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Three ways to build your resume in college

Veronica C. | April 11, 2012

When you’re dealing with a full course load in college, it can be difficult to find non-academic ways to build your resume – a necessity for applying to premium entry level jobs and internships after graduation. However, there are still plenty of gainful opportunities available to ambitious students. Here are three strategies for enhancing your resume while still in college.

Clubs and activities
Joining a student organization isn’t just a great way make new friends your freshman year, it’s also an important step toward earning a career. Find clubs and activities that reflect your interests – both personal and professional – and become an active participant. Demonstrating leadership qualities through these organizations will help you find bigger and better opportunities down the line.

Summer jobs
Even when school isn’t in session, you should still be finding ways to learn and grow. Whether you work as a lifeguard one summer or in a retail store, this shows that you’re more than a couch potato when professors aren’t pushing you to write papers and study for exams. Plus, you’ll earn some much-needed money for next semester.

Academic internships
Consult your college’s career department and online job boards for listings of student internships. These opportunities will give you real-world experience in your desired field while also getting a foot in the door at a potential employer. Many colleges will also help you earn academic credit for your time as an intern.


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