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Three tips that will help your search for a financial job

Veronica C. | March 29, 2012

While the country’s economic situation has become tenuous in recent years, the financial sector is still in need of astute, number-oriented thinkers and workers. However, the sheer number of college graduates competing for the diminished number of premium entry level jobs and paid internships at major financial companies and organizations has made this a difficult task. Here are three tips that will improve your chances of landing a financial job.

Explore different industries
If you’ve always dreamed of working on Wall Street, keep in mind that there are numerous financial jobs available in other industries – from higher education to government. You don’t need to abandon your desired to make it big in New York finance, but you might have more success starting in another sector and working your way up.

While many people set their sites on a specific job description or title, this can often limit the search and overlook other great positions. When investigating different openings, peruse all the available jobs offered by a company or organization and see if your skills and interests are a match for a financial position you may not have considered before.

What’s true for every other career path is true for finance – networking is key. With the country’s business and economic state in constant flux, concerned hiring managers like to meet applicants who have been recommended by a friend or colleague they can trust. Reach out to friends, family, professors, intern supervisors and anyone else you can think of to directly connect you to potential employers.


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