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Three tips for a career in writing

Veronica C. | July 18, 2012

Three tips for a career in writing

Whether you’re interested in becoming a journalist, publisher, editor or novelist, pursuing premium entry level jobs and paid internships in writing can be a big challenge in this economy. It’s not enough to simply be a skilled wordsmith, you also need the knowledge, experience and versatility to convince an employer that your writing is worth a paycheck – easier said than done. Here are some tips toward building a career in writing.

Multiple internships
As with many other career paths, landing that first real job after graduation requires that you’ve already had some professional experience as a writer. Often, this means tackling multiple internships during your time as an undergraduate and even past graduation. Not only will this help you hone your skills, but you’ll also make valuable contacts you can recommend your for positions down the road.

If you want to be a serious writer of any kind, you’ll need to get used to working all the time. In today’s multimedia age, writers produce content constantly, so starting your own blog is a great way to demonstrate that level of ambition. Write frequently and posted everything online – employers will notice as you start applying for jobs.

While internships and blogging are great first steps toward becoming a professional writer, the bridging point toward starting your career is working as a freelance writer. Contact publications that you’d like to write for and send them pitches frequently along with samples of your work. With some luck, your persistence will pay off and you’ll actually start getting paid.

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