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Three things employers don’t want to see on your resume

Veronica C. | April 23, 2013

Three things employers don't want to see on your resume

One task you’re sure to do over and over again during college is groom your resume. While it should be getting better each time, you’ll want to double and triple check it for the familiar mistakes and errors that often land applicants in the “Do Not Call” bin. Avoid this fate by steering clear of these three things employers don’t want to see on your resume.

1. Too many words
If your resume reads like a novel, you’re doing something wrong. While the ability to craft full and beautifully formed sentences is admirable, this is not the place to put it to practice. Keep your descriptions short and to the point, using a template to make sure you’re not overstepping traditional bounds.

2. Padding
There are other types of padding besides just purple prose. If your resume is looking a little thin, don’t start including accolades from freshman year of high school. If you managed to make it to president of your high school’s key club, that’s worth mentioning. Having published a single article in the school paper isn’t. Furthermore, if your resume is looking skeletal, it may be a good indication that you should seek out more activities or internships.

3. Typos
One indisputable rule of resume style should be an absolute lack of typos, grammatical errors or malapropisms. These are the sorts of mistakes that won’t break a resume, but may put your chances in serious jeopardy with a finicky employer. The risk isn’t worth it.

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