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Three roadblocks to getting your foot in the door

Veronica C. | October 24, 2012

When it comes to applying to  entry level jobs and internships, half the battle is getting in touch with someone who can help you. While it’s certainly frustrating to be turned away time and again, knowing the reasons behind these roadblocks can help improve your job search in the future. Here are some tips on getting your foot in the door.

You can’t take a hint

Three roadblocks to getting your foot in the door

Three roadblocks to getting your foot in the door

Persistence is the name of the game in any job market. You can’t simply send off a resume and wait for a reply – you need to follow up and keep tabs on your application’s status. However, be aware that frequently calling or emailing an employer can be off-putting. If a company frequently dodges your queries, take the hint and move on to the next opportunity.

You don’t sound confident
Practicing your phone etiquette can go a long way in streamlining your job search. If you call a company or organization that’s currently hiring and sound like a nervous rookie, don’t expect much help from the other end. Hiring personnel often base their preliminary decision on how confident an applicant sounds on the phone.

You’re unprepared
Another road block along the way of communicating with employers is being unprepared. Whether you call or email a hiring manager, make sure you have basic information down like the person’s name and title, the position you’re applying for and some knowledge about the company. Make sure you do your homework before inquiring about a job opportunity.

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