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Three major job benefits that could outweigh salary

Veronica C. | April 17, 2013

Three major job benefits that could outweigh salary

When you’re a candidate looking at jobs opportunities, there tends to be just one number that you really want to know from each potential employer – salary. While this isn’t really a kosher interview question, it’s sure to come up before you sign your contract. More likely to crop up before that however are a host of other extremely important factors – things that should definitely sway your interest, but may too often fall under the radar. Consider how these three other major job benefits might outweigh even the prospective salary.

1. The opportunity to lead a team
There’s no question that one of the most important skills an individual can have when applying to any job is extensive experience managing a team. Leadership skill is a rare and important quality, and being given the opportunity to develop it isn’t the sort of experience you can put a price on.

2. Learning essential software
As technology advances, so does the dizzying multitude of specialty software out there. While you may know a little HTML coding and can potentially use Flash, Photoshop or manage spreadsheets like a pro, there’s a lot of advanced stuff out there that’d require a small college course to train in. Luckily, your job might do just that, all while paying you! Don’t undervalue the benefits of on the job training that can give you an enormous resume boost!

3. Healthcare
Of course, one of the major benefits of any job is the healthcare package. While lots of young people are able to remain on their parents’ insurance until around age 26, everyone else has to make sure they’re covered.

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