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Three great internships for theater and drama majors

Veronica C. | April 16, 2013

Three great internships for theater and drama majors

Theater kids have it tough. Not only are they usually the butts of any joke about bachelor of arts degrees (even the fine arts and literature kids get off easier), but these graduates are entering one of the most competitive and difficult fields out there. And that’s just if you want to do stage lighting! Imagine how cut-throat things can be for actors!

No matter what part of the theater enthralls you, one excellent way to get ahead is through internships. And while there aren’t myriad positions to choose from, it’s worth knowing the best places to look. Consider these options.

1. Acting camp intern
Acting camp means working with kids, which is tough but too often construed as demeaning for people who really want to get involved in theater. Just because you’re working with kids, however, doesn’t mean you’re not garnering plenty of practical experience. And there tend to be plenty of opportunities available.

2. Personal assistant
While working with kids can be exhausting, there’s nothing quite so tiring as being someone’s personal assistant. Would-be interns don’t need to look into the world of theater itself either, for scoring this role – artists, writers, curators and other creative types often bring on interns as personal assistants. The skills that being an assistant teach you (tolerance, organization, management) are sure to come in handy backstage.

3. Theater intern
The ultimate objective should be to become a theater intern at a repertory group or stock theater company. This is sure to net you a vast number of contacts, and who knows, there might be a job in the offering if you play your cards right.

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