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Three goals to shoot for during your first year of employment

Veronica C. | August 3, 2012

Three goals to shoot for during your first year of employment

After applying for countless premium entry level jobs and paid internships, it might seem like you’ve come to the end of a long journey once you finally land that first career position. However, this is actually just the beginning of another adventure into the early stages of post-grad employment. Here are three goals to consider shooting for during your first year on the job.

Stable employment
While it might seem like you’re on easy street once you’re no longer unemployed, all of that can change in an instant if you’re not careful. In the current economy, very few people would consider their positions completely secure, so make sure you don’t start slacking off after you’ve made it through the first few weeks of working – you could find yourself out on the street in favor of a more committed employee. Try your hardest every day on the job to demonstrate that your employer was right to hire you.

A raise
As you become more comfortable in your responsibilities and workload, you should start getting yourself on track for a raise of some kind. After you’ve been performing well for about six months or so, many employers like to offer a moderate salary bump to encourage you to stay with the company. Speak with other employees to see how this process works in your office.

A promotion
Beyond a raise, you may want to inquire about promotions that are available to entry-level employees. Even if it means taking on more work and responsibility than your current position, achieving a higher title within the first year of employment can help put you on track to climb the corporate ladder at your organization as well as make you more appealing to other companies.


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