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Three awesome (and cheap) Christmas gifts from the heart

Veronica C. | December 3, 2012

Three awesome (and cheap) Christmas gifts from the heart

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start worrying about Christmas presents. How are you going to afford them? What do your college friends expect from you? Shouldn’t you be saving up your money for the city internship you’re applying to this winter break? Don’t worry. Kick back, relax and get creative with these three super awesome and super cheap Christmas gifts that come straight from the heart.

1. Mixtape or mix CD
Since cassettes, tape decks and Walkmen were the height of cool technology, mixtapes have been making their way between best friends, lovers and family members for ages. So why not grab a stack of blank CD-Rs and start composing your own perfect playlists for friends and family.

2. Handsewn notebooks
It may sound overwhelming at first, but this simple project is a must-do for anyone with a crafty bone in their body. Get some blank paper, a little thread and a strong needle. Simple sewn notebook bindings are easy and you can find plenty of instructions online. Personalize with colored threads and your own cover page drawings!

3. Tasty gourmet chocolate bar
Simply put, chocolate tastes great and even at gourmet levels rarely exceeds five bucks. Buy a stack of tasty chocolate bars at Trader Joe’s and give them out to friends at school, or go a bit fancier and wrap it up as a present for mom and dad. Just make sure not to keep it anywhere too warm, or it’ll melt!

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