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The road to becoming a media specialist

Veronica C. | July 30, 2012

The road to becoming a media specialist

If you’ve always wanted to get into the teaching field, but were never really sure about what your subject or specialty would be, you might want to consider becoming a library media specialist among other education-related premium entry level jobs and paid internships. Here’s what you can expect out of this career path and the steps to get there.

Teaching degree
Just like any other public school teaching position, library media specialists require an advanced teaching degree. While you may want to gear your undergraduate studies toward education, you can take most liberal arts degrees and apply them to graduate school as well.

While some people might just think of a library media specialist in terms of organizing and lending books, these days, there is a lot more to the job than that. In fact, most people in this position have to become multimedia experts and de facto technology teachers for young students just learning about the finer points of using a computer.

As an offshoot of becoming a multimedia educator, part of your role as a media specialist will be to train kids how to find and use research resources such as the internet, card catalogues, library databases and then apply these tools to their studies. This is especially important for older students who are learning to write intensive papers and college essays.


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