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The benefits of being a resident advisor in college

Veronica C. | November 5, 2012

The benefits of being a resident advisor in college

While it might not seem like the coolest path to take, being a resident advisor (RA) in college comes with a number of benefits. These students are the ones who typically help freshmen and sophomores adjust to undergraduate and dorm life while making sure their floors are safe environments. Here are some of the advantages of becoming an RA.

You get your own room
Tired of bunking with another student in shoe box-sized dorm room? Well, RAs often get the luxury of living in their own dorm rooms. This can be a great relief, whether you’re trying to get some studying done, watch TV in peace or enjoy a romantic evening.

It looks great on your resume
Much like participating in a variety of student internships, being an RA is an experience that looks great on a resume. Between settling dorm mate disputes, planning group activities and gaining general leadership skills, you’ll have a distinct advantage when you start applying for premium entry level jobs.

You get paid
Not enthusiastic about working late hours at a work-study job in the library or cafeteria? As an RA, you’ll get paid to basically hang around your dorm room. Considering the cost of tuition, food and recreational activities to a poor college student, the extra money will definitely come in handy.

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