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Study abroad benefits for your resume

Veronica C. | April 22, 2013

Study abroad benefits for your resume

While you’re still in school, it’s probable that your job resume isn’t at the forefront of your mind. There are books to read, exams to ace and classes to take notes in! Who has time for thinking about the future? But chances are, you are considering taking a term to study abroad.

Without hesitation, do it. To begin with, study abroad will help you mature and grow as a human being, giving you months of memorable experiences you’ll be looking back on for decades to come. Secondly, while you’re having a blast trekking through Europe, South America, Asia or wherever you happen to pack your bags for, you’ll also be building an astounding resume! Just make sure you keep these notions in mind.

Work – or at least volunteer
Obtaining work visas in some countries can be hard – almost impossible, in fact, when you’re staying for such a short time. However, there’s nothing that keeps your from volunteering. Whether it’s at a local animal shelter, the nearby soup kitchen or any other number of locales, taking time to volunteer while abroad will give your resume a boost.

Immerse yourself in language
While there’s nothing wrong with studying abroad in England, should you head to France, Italy, Japan or Brazil, delve as far as you can into the cultural landscape. Not only is it sure to be a blast, you’ll have the opportunity to really practice your second (or third or fourth) language. One of the best things employers can notice on a resume is that you’re bilingual.

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