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Staying on top of student loans during your job search

Veronica C. | April 23, 2013

Staying on top of student loans during your job search

You’ve graduated college and are looking forward to grabbing one of those great jobs that companies looking to hire graduates must be offering – except that’s not always the case. The current economic climate doesn’t lend itself to premium entry level jobs, especially for recent graduates. This can land you in a terrible position, and one that many people your own age are also in. You’ve got loans, and you’ve got no income.Rather than freak out (which you’re allowed to do briefly before pulling it together), consider these helpful tips and stay strong. Loans aren’t the end of the world, and your job prospects will be looking much better in the near future.

Watch deadlines
Keep a close eye on all your loan deadlines. Most will have you pay monthly, and missing a payment by a few weeks won’t ruin your credit rating, but fooling around with loan payments isn’t something you want to do, nonetheless.

Save money
Because you’re currently unemployed, one thing’s essential: you must save money. That means cash for your birthday, graduation and Christmas. Put it all in an account where you can keep a close eye on it, then try to budget yourself around monthly payments until you can score a paying gig.

Take the lame job, so long as it pays
Eventually, you will find work. It may not be particularly fun though. Remember that there’s no rule against continuing to apply to new jobs while you’ve currently got one! Take the position, get a regular paycheck and spend your evenings sending out more applications to the positions you really want. Something will come through soon!

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