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Romance Them with Your Resume

Veronica C. | February 10, 2013

While cover letters, professional references, college transcripts and portfolio pieces are all essential to finding entry-level college jobs, the resume is the cornerstone to any successful job hunt. This simple-yet-vital document allows you to list your educational background, internship experience, professional experience and relevant skills for potential employers to gain a basic understanding of who you are.

As today’s employers can see hundreds of applications for a single position, you may be wondering what’s the best way to design a resume that is professional and stands out among a sea of other candidates. We’re here to help!

A common standard to follow when creating a resume is the “less is more” rule. Too many applicants get caught up with complex and frilly designs that take away from the resume’s content and suggest an overeager personality. Your resume should be clear and concise – with neat lines, clean fonts and to-the-point content summarizing your experience and skills.

Of course, you may be looking to infuse your resume with some eye-catching color, but black and white schemes are generally considered more professional and will score you more points in the long-run. Adding a bold blue line under the header should be the creative limit. Remember to romance them with your resume by keeping it classy and elegant, and once you land an interview, you can truly allow your colorful personality to shine!

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