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Quick tips and advice for getting to know your professor

Veronica C. | April 30, 2013

Quick tips and advice for getting to know your professor

Believe it or not, professors not only have a lot to offer outside the classroom, they’re often eager to do it. With so many nameless, faceless students passing through their lectures each year, many professors are eager to get to know a few of you. And the benefits to students are huge – networking potential, help or suggestions on difficult projects, career advice, not to mention plenty of fantastic conversations.

Sound like a sweet deal? Consider these ways to get to know your professor better.

Make an appointment

Almost every college requires that its professors have office hours during which students can stop in. Either make an impromptu visit or sign up for an appointment and chat with your professor then.

Meet for coffee

Office hours inconvenient for you? Many teachers are willing to meet briefly during a lunch break. Set a time to get coffee in the dining hall.

Contact via email

Of course there’s always the convenience of email. Feel free to let a professor know if you enjoyed a lecture or had further questions on a topic.

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