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Questions you should ask before the end of an interview

Veronica C. | July 26, 2012

Questions you should ask before the end of an interview

While interview for premium entry level jobs and paid internships generally involve a hiring manager directing questions your way, you should also pose a few of your own. Hiring managers are looking to engage you in a mutual discussion about the position and company, which means they expect you to be prepared with a few questions to expand the conversation. Here are some tips on what to ask at the end of an interview.

Interviewer’s experiences
Considering that you’ve been talking about yourself for much of the meeting, it’s nice to shift the attention to your interviewer toward the close. You should ask questions like “How did you end up working at this company?” or “Can you tell me about your own professional experiences?” to forge a greater connection between the two of you.

Company highlights
Beyond talking about the job description, consider asking the hiring manager what he or she enjoys most about working at the company or organization. This is a good way to get some extra insight into company benefits, social events, perks and other aspects of the office that might not be obvious from the initial interview conversation.

Typical day
To get a sense of the actual responsibilities you may be encountering should you get hired, asking what a typical day at the company is like is a good place to start. You can learn how different departments work together, the hours, lunch and office culture.


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