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Post-grad Employment Hunt: “UGH! Difficult”

Veronica C. | January 26, 2012

If you’ve recently graduated from college, the majority of your attention is likely focused on securing your first entry-level position. This post-grad employment hunt can seem like a difficult and complicated task for even the most organized and ambitious workers – a search that can last six months or more. While much of you effort should be placed on securing an immediate position, you’ll likely encounter several opportunities for networking and career opportunities that will be beneficial down the road.

Professional networking requires reaching out to a variety of friends, family, professors and coworkers for advice and assistance in your current job hunt. While these contacts can be extremely helpful, not all of them will lead you directly to an entry-level position. Despite this, make sure to maintain a friendly relationship with these people as they can often clue you into new job openings down the road.

While you apply for positions through company and career search websites, creating a profile can also help provide you with updates about new career opportunities. Even though you may have initially been passed over, you may discover another job opening weeks later that’s more suited to your skills, interests and experience.

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