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Ongoing job search? Relax with these stress management tips

Veronica C. | March 30, 2012

As a post grad on the hunt for premium entry level jobs and paid internships, it can be frustrating to send out applications for days, weeks and months only to still be unemployed. Even the most ambitious job seekers can spend six months or more before landing that first job. While it’s important to stay positive, there will inevitably come times in your search when you feel discouraged, depressed, stressed and drained of energy to send out even one more application. Here are some stress management tips to help relax during these moments of doubt.

Take a walk
Sometimes you just need to step back and clear your head. Leave the headphones and digital music player behind and go for a walk alone with your thoughts. During this time, you can reflect on what aspects of your application process have gone well, which have been disappointing and what steps you can take next to seek out new leads.

While a walk is certainly relaxing, sometimes you need to push your body to its limits to fight off the stress of an ongoing job search. Depending on your favorite exercise routine, consider doing some yoga, lifting some weights, going for a run or doing laps in the pool to blow off some steam.

Take a day off
If a short break from applying to jobs isn’t enough to recharge the batteries, you might want to give yourself a mini-vacation to get away from it all. Call up some friends and plan a weekend retreat or day trip to a favorite destination. Sometimes a day off – even when you’re unemployed – is exactly what you need.


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