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Looking for a place to rent? Avoid these mistakes!

Dain | February 9, 2011

1. A run down, crappy apartment.

Now this one my same like a ‘Duh’ moment, but let me explain further. So many people do not take the time to go through all the different aspects of searching for a place to rent. Make sure you look at the place before you rent it. And make sure you have a check list of things to look for as you go through your potential future home. Check the electricity, the lights, appliances, the water, toilets,  and bathtubs. Basically, check anything that you can turn on. You are also going to want to ask for the previous six months rent and utilities to see what you can expect. I had a friend who found a great place to rent and a great price. Turns out, her heating bill was about $200 bucks a month because the place wasn’t very well insulated, and the person who lived there previously was never there. So make sure you also know the background of the place. Talk to your neighbors.

2.  Your neighbors.

While we’re on the topic, having those horrible next door neighbors can make your new living arrangement a nightmare. And nothing is worse than being stuck in a rental agreement for six months as you listen to the couple arguing constantly through your walls. So catch this before you put your signature to anything. Talk to all your potential neighbors and ask questions about the place and also who’s living there.

3.  A Horrible Roommate.

This is another one you don’t want to get stuck with. Finding a good roommate is a special skill. If you can help it, room with someone you know. But, also make sure you know yourself. What your likes and dislikes are and how they mesh with your new roommate.

4.  Too expensive.

Make sure you’re not paying too much in rent and utilities. As a general rule of thumb don’t rent anything that costs more than your first weeks paycheck. If you go beyond that you may end up hurting financially. I go into more detail on this in my other post how much rent can I afford? Make sure you check that out if you want more details.

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