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Look to your friends on the job search

Veronica C. | July 31, 2012

Look to your friends on the job search

When it comes to finding premium entry level jobs and paid internships after college graduation, you’re going to need all the help you can get. While college professors, family members and former bosses are all great resources when you’re looking for available opportunities, don’t neglect the part that your friends can play during your time of unemployment. Here are some ways your friends can be of assistance.

Though jobless friends may not be in a position to directly help you find a job, get in touch with older buddies and classmates who have been out of school and working for some time. These people can often point you toward openings at their companies or organizations while also vouching for you on both a personal and professional level.

Everyone has their own routine when searching and applying for post-grad jobs. If you’re encountering some roadblocks in your efforts, ask for some pointers from friends about how they tackle their application processes. You may be doing a lot of the same things, but you never know when a friend might be onto a great strategy or job website that you hadn’t considered before.

Of course, even with assistance from networking contacts and friends, securing your first job can still be a long and frustrating journey. While you struggle through post-grad unemployment, it helps to know that you have friends going through the same thing. Spend time together when applying and trade stories with each other during this time – it might just make you feel better.


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