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Items to bring on the first day of work

Veronica C. | May 15, 2012

Preparing for your first day at a new entry-level position can be a simultaneously thrilling and nerve-wracking experience. You’ve managed to wow them in the interview process, but now you have to put all that high talk into practice. You may also be looking at that fancy new leather satchel or briefcase you parents got you as a congratulations gift and wondering, “What can I even keep in here?” Here are some items to help fill that void on your first day of work.

Within minutes of arriving at your new job, you’ll be receiving a ton of information about your coworkers, the company, ongoing projects, your daily responsibilities, computer passwords and more. Bring a trusty notebook along for the ride to keep tabs on all the advice your supervisor will give you.

Personal information
If you plan on getting paid, you’ll have to bring along some personal information and documents to help human resources and payroll sort out your paycheck. Typically, employers require a voided check, Social Security card and driver’s license to enter you into their payroll system. If you grew up abroad, you’ll also need any relevant passport or visa documentation.

Lunch money
A great way to make friends and get to know your coworkers is by eating with them. Rather than brown bagging it on your first day, bring along some extra cash and try to join some of your new colleagues for a bite in the cafeteria or a nearby restaurant.


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