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How to stay frugal during your job search

Veronica C. | May 17, 2012

While you may not have had much money throughout college, suddenly facing the prospect of an ongoing period of unemployment as your search for premium entry level jobs and paid internships can leave you worried about your financial situation. Luckily, you can stay frugal during your career hunt with these three tips.

Don’t eat out
Whether you’re still in a college apartment or living at home, it can be tempting to eat out at your favorite restaurants. However, you should try to limit this behavior whenever possible. Instead, pick up some groceries at the local supermarket – you’ll be able to get multiple meals from the money you would spend on one dish eating out.

Pay with cash
While debit and credit cards certainly are convenient, they can make it difficult to keep track of how much money you’re spending every week. However, withdrawing a budget-friendly amount of cash for necessary items at the beginning of every week will help you stay on top of your finances.

Don’t live alone
Even if you feel that moving back in with mom and dad is a step backward, living on your own after college without a job is an enormous expense. If you can’t find roommates to split apartment rent, you might want to think about living at home for the next couple of months as you continue your career search.


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